What are the basic Principles People For Peace Operate From?

  1. All Intelligences should enjoy the Birth-Right to grow, learn and progress in Safe PEB Environments.
  2. We understand the law, "there needs must be opposition in all things", to mean both positive and negative energy have and will always exist, neither can be destroyed, yet controlled, limited and/or bound happens by our choices made as Intelligence, for which we are responsible and accountable.
  3. Pure Love is Pure Positive Energy. As a source of Energy, it can be tapped into for improving our thoughts received accepted or rejected, before our own words and actions follow. Our choices ensure a growing & expanding of more of the same. May our choices  be Positive Energy  Based (PEB) in all we do in life. It Matters!!!


 As Positive Energy Based (PEB) Intelligences, we are pro-actively seeking, creating, maintaining and/or growing at all times, in all places and while doing all things Tru-Friends Certified Safe Environments for our Children. So they, as our Future Leaders by Example will improve the same Safe Environments for their Children with aim to achieve, receive and enjoy a World of Intelligences Living at Peace one with another.


OUR FOUR PRONGED APPROACH.  First, We invite Parents to lead by example showing interest and commitment to create a Tru-Friends Certified Safe Environment for Kids in the Home by Joining our Movement and creating their online profiles here. Second, We invite Parents to DONATE & VOTE for Government Leaders that are not opposed to our movement; nor supporting any legislation, laws or anything like unto it in opposition to our efforts; showing that support by joining here. Third, We invite Special Needs, Infant and Day Cares, Schools, Colleges and Universities; their Teachers, Administrators and Support Staff to join here to record progress of Kids. Fourth, We invite Corporate Sponsor's to support our efforts in the ways they are willing financially, with other resources, or joining our PaaS offerings.

The single greatest thing we can do for children is to show LOVE towards them in all we think, say and do. Facilitating the best teaching; educating, motivating and inspiring moments, that surely facilitate a reciprocating of the same. -Don Horton-  Founder of People for Peace and Co-Founder of Tru-Friends.