What Are Key Elements People For Peace "Liberty" (AiR Heads) Protect?

  1. Your Right To Choose Your Life and Lifestyle without or with Judgement (J), Criticism (C), Faultfinding (F). All Intelligences by Birth-Right choose, grow, learn and progress  at their own pace; in their own ways; landing comfortably in 1) Purely Positive Energy Loving Safe Public and Private places (without) JCF; 2) Undecided & Experimenting with some Positive & Negative Energy (with JCF)); 3) Purely Unsafe Public and Private Places (Negative Energy Focused Mostly and/or Purely, with JCF)). 
  2. Acknowledging, "there needs must be opposition in all things energy based", therefore to live harmoniously, we propose a willing cooperative separation between the intelligences to protect their rights and desires in life and lifesytle choices; from unwanted infriengement by opposition intelligent forces.  Like AAA Battery (+) (Mixed) (-)

 We Honestly communicate  to  pro-actively support the Birthright of ALL Intelligences to chose for themsevles what their life and lifestyle will be (living without judgement, faultfinding or criticism in one of three energy based communities willingly chosen by their resulting actions). 
We Openly allow ALL Intelligences to believe and live as they freely and individually will within the  geographical bounds set as defined by their life and lifestyle choices (one of three energy based communities).
We Willingly Cooperate within each community upholding the life and lifestyle rights & sub-laws set within each.


The key factor is working within the framework of our Consitution; Further Defining and Upholding the founding Father's original Intent in the great experiment of America as the basis for creating "purely safe places"  "undecided & experimenting" and "purely unsafe places" so that LIBERTY is enjoyed by ALL.

Which means ALL can choose to enjoy a life and lifestyle free of or including financial scams, physical property theft/stealing, physical fighting and killing one of another.  These willing life and lifestyle choice places exist so residents and visitors do or do not have to worry, fear, or doubt the intentions of others living  or visiting.

For those that  choose undecided or purely unsafe places by their thoughs, words and actions the master plan and benefit is you can do it only to those who think as you do. No more jails, no more prisons, no more forced rehabilitation facilities. All are free to live the life they want in the designated places their actions warrant, protecting their life and lifestyle choices made.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT - H.O.W. to create lasting relationships?