We all know that there is no manual for being a great parent. Though none of us are perfect, there are so many parents doing great things to help their Children develop and grow in safe environments only to find out, sometimes too late, that that same love and caring was missing in day care centers, schools or other places their kids would be sent with tragic end results. At other times the issues are starting in the home and spill over tragically to the day cares centers and schools.  Can anything be done to mitigate risks, and affordably ensure the Safe and Peaceful development of our kids? At People for Peace we say, YES!!!

Having spent almost a decade in the manufacturing hub of the world (China) our founder at People for Peace became familiar with Technical Files and how important a role these written documents played in engagement agreements between Brands and their third parties relationships e.g. Trading Companies, OEM/ODM Manufacturer's, Component Part Suppliers and Raw Material Suppliers for delivering the quality finished goods Brands and their Fans demanded.  Requiring all relationships as steps in the process to be Certified and Passing the International Standards and special instructions found laid out in these Technical Files in each production run before the final goods are accepted, paid for in full and welcomed in Countries around the world. 


Why do we not have Technical Files and Certified Safe Places of approved relationships with procedures written for each of our precious and priceless Children; to ensure the third-party relationships are in compliance with our own International Standards customized for Families (Brands) of the Final Products (Kids)?   Why are the many third-party supply chain of relationships you could choose from not required to be Certified Safe Places?  Why are they not required to Pass our written Specifications (Technical Files) to better help deliver the consistent final high-quality deliverables all would enjoy in time with our Kids?  With these requirements in place would not our Kids will be welcomed everywhere they may desire to go around the World too?  We are doing it first, as People for Peace.  Why? To ensure that our Kids are great, safe, ensuring peace, happiness and prosperity for themselves and their children as they become the next generation of leaders (Loving & Positive Energy Based). The desired end results (See Priorities).


  • ABUSE: According to AmericanSPCC reports from its referenced sources: The consequences of Abuse costs are estimated in USA at $585 Billion as printed in the 2015 Child Mistreatment Report published Jan 2017; which also shows 7.2 Million Children were involved in 4 Million reported cases; up from 6.6 Million and 3.6 Million. 
  • BULLYING: According to report for 2015-16 published in 2017; is also on the rise in 20,800 schools.
  • CHILD-ENDANGERMENT: According to report for 2015-16 published in 2017; is also on the rise.