Hello, I am the first AiR Head to run for President of the United States of America. I hope I will not  be the last. Will you accept my sincere invitation to join me as an AiR Head too? AiR Heads are laser focused on Applying Intelligence Rightly. We do this by pro-actively creating pure positive energy in all we think, say and do pro-actively cooperating together applying our "Many Minds Make Light The Work" philosophy. We believe this approach coupled with our AI Platform at Tru-Friends is best for solving all present and future issues that our Great People and Country faces. We believe before our lifecycle, this movements legacy is over, we will have achieved 1,000 years of Peace, Happiness, Prosperity, with LIBERTY for ALL.  As it was meant to be, gifted to you and me by the mere fact we all were born to inherit, take care of this planet, each other.

None of us are perfect. There is no manual for being a great person, parent or president. Yet, there are so many people doing so many great things to help their children, themselves, their families, their friends (a.k.a.  their neighbors, loved ones in communities)  learn, progress and grow in an increasingly unsafe America. Too many are finding out - sometimes too late, that their same love, kindness, caring and sharing was found missing somewhere along the way with tragic end results to relationships. Some times the core issues at hand are starting in our thoughts, then expresssed in our homes and spill over tragically to the public places that make up our day cares centers, schools, neighborhoods, work places and/or other public / private places.  Can anything be done to mitigate these growing risks, and affordably ensure the Safe and Peaceful development of our kids, ourselves, our families, or Communities? AiR Heads, People for Peace say, YES!!!


The reason I am running for President is because I believe in you my fellow Americans.  Your insights pro-actively shared will certainly be acknowledged as together we resolve the many issues we face in this Country today. among In-Fighting, Party Line Politics & Imperfect Belief Systems, Excessive Waste, Lobbyists & Politicians  & CEO's Willing To Focus First On The Money To Be Had for a select Few. AiR Heads First Focus Love One For Another, ALL People's needs considered as a whole Nation. That difference we propose will result in significant benefits enjoyed and found growing among ALL People until All peoples needs are met. 

Let's start our movement with the basics.  Focusing on what we know and can prove day-in and day-out over time. The simple truth is we are dealing with Energy. Both positive and negative energy, each and every day in our lives.

No one can control the thoughts that come into their Intelligence (positive or negative energy based) but each of us can control how long those thoughts remain.  The more you focus on only one of these energies the more you are clearly defining your character, your reality, who you are at the core; in what you think, say and do.  It is your birthright to choose for yourself on which energy you will focus  on, emulate or develop as you cultivate, nurture and grow yourself and infludence others around you. It is imperative you choose wisely. Don't forget, life is what you make it. Let's make it a great life, cooperating together for a better America today, tomorrow, for a 1,000 years.

  • ABUSE: According to AmericanSPCC reports from its referenced sources: The consequences of Abuse costs are estimated in USA at $585 Billion. As printed in the 2015 Child Mistreatment Report published Jan 2017; which also shows 7.2 Million Children were involved in 4 Million reported cases; up from 6.6 Million and 3.6 Million. 
  • BULLYING: According to NCES.ed.gov report for 2015-16 published in 2017; is also on the rise in 20,800 schools.
  • CHILD-ENDANGERMENT: According to NCES.ed.gov report for 2015-16 published in 2017; is also on the rise.
  • As we succeed cooperating together implementing our 5 Point Plan, you should see these numbers reversing as our litmus test to prove we are on the right track - Applying Intelligence Rightly. LOVE, Not Money, FOCUSED.