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AiR Heads Are "H.O.W." we create a better Nation, Life and Lifestyle for ALL People, starting in 2020 and Beyond.

Hello, I am the first AiR Head. I invite you to become one too.  Our "Party and Movement"  is laser focused on bringing LIBERTY to All People, starting with AiR Heads living in America who willingly become an integral pro-active part of the solutions coming through our "Many Minds Make Light The Work" platform.  LIBERTY by our definition is, "Cooperating  (not  arguing, bullying, cheating, slandering, stalling, stealing, fighting or killing ) to achieve 1,000 years of peace, happiness, prosperity for ALL People." May Our Legacy, starting with the 2020 Presidency when elected, be defined not by our imperfections as 'Human Beings', but by the Pure Positive Energy created and growing in what we think, say and do while cooperating respectfully one with another.  That's "Applying Intelligence Rigthly" AiR Heads. 

  • With Focus On LOVE - Not Money, Communicating & Educating, it is
    Pure Positive Energy  Creating ...
  • We Will Resolve All Issues with Peace, Happiness & Prosperity Cooperating.
  • Our Five Point Plan - A Must Do!
    • 1. Fend off the Attack on our  Consitution - To Start, Equality For All People in job pay by title.
    • 2. Fix Our  Broken Legal System.
    • 3. Fix Our Broken Healthcare System.
    • 4. Fix Our Broken Welfare System.
    • 5. Fix Our Countries Debt Issues.
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  • Attend A Webinar To Discuss H.O.W. to Resolve The Growing Crisis's In America.
    - January 28, 2019
  • Join Our AiR Head Movement, put Your Future First , Starting Today.
    - February 28, 2019
  •  Hold a Five Point Plan Town Meeting  In Your Neighborhood. Get Involved.
    -  March 28, 2019

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Vote  "AiR Head for President".  A Vote to help bring about 1,000 Years of Peace, Happiness, Prosperity and LIBERTY for ALL People.